Park Extension Jane’s Walks in 2019

, par Sasha Dyck


  • Date de départMay 3
  • heure de départ5 to 7pm
  • langue utiliséeEnglish
  • Arrondissement ou ville285 rue Gary-Carter
    Montréal H2R 2W1
  • thème(s)
    • Sports & leisure
    • History
    • Ethnocultural diversity


Did you know that the Montreal Expos played eight seasons at Jarry Park Stadium before the team moved to the Olympic Stadium in 1976 ? And that today parts of the the original stadium have been incorporated into the IGA Stadium where the Rogers Cup is held every summer ? Did you know that on St-Jean Baptiste Day in 1965, Jarry Park hosted a wildly popular concert with 40,000 grooving spectators featuring Quebecois pop stars like Pauline Julie, Clémence Desrocher and Les Cailloux ? And 19 years later in 1984 did you know that Pope Jean-Paul II held a mass in the same park attracting 300,000 ? And finally, did you know that in 1927 Jarry Park was created by Dr. Arthur Jarry and his brother Raoul, a city councillor by leasing 35 acres of farmland and installing playgrounds, baseball diamonds and skating rinks so that the impoverished children of Villeray could get some fresh air and exercise ? Today the park has grown to 89 acres with several tennis courts, baseball diamonds and two outdoor swimming pools ; where soccer and cricket are played and more recently, a pond fostering birdlife in summer and skating in winter. There is so much more..... come take a walk and learn more about Jarry Park’s social, cultural and religious events ; leisure, recreational and sports activities ; and its natural history- the pond, birds and trees. I will have historical maps and photos for you to see. If you have any Jarry Park memories, memorabilia or photos to share, please do ! The park is very flat. We will be walking on paved paths and on grass/dirt paths. There will be plenty of opportunities to sit and rest. Looking forward to seeing you Friday May 3rd !



  • Date de départMay 4 / 4 mai
  • heure de départ10 to 11:30am / 10h à 11h30
  • langue utiliséeBilingual / Bilingue
  • Arrondissement ou ville999 ave Beaumont
    Montréal H3N 2Y6
  • thème(s)
    • Community / Communauté
    • Architecture and heritage / Architecture et patrimoine
    • History / Histoire


The “shoebox” house is a reminder of early suburbs of the city when small lots were available to build small, one-story houses, maybe with a vegetable garden alongside. Our borough, Villeray-St. Michel- Parc-Extension has recognized the architectural and social heritage of those fast-disappearing “shoeboxes” in today’s densifying housing landscape and enacted legislation to make it more difficult to demolish them, restrain redevelopment and encourage respectful renovation, maintenance and conservation by home-owners. A heritage architect was hired to make a report last summer. Our Historical Society was happy to collaborate in finding some 83 examples along our streets and we are eager to help other citizens discover them and appreciate their special features, using the Report’s classification based on construction dates and common architectural features dating from the “golden age” of brick masonry. Bring a camera. This is a good subject for our 2019 Jane’s Walk ! Most boroughs in the central and east of Montreal have examples of a such construction, particularly Rosemont and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Some sites in Villeray have been prettily renovated while those in Park Extension tend to be plainer. Owners and would-be owners are becoming more aware of their special character. We will visit a cross section of residential streets, starting at Beaumont Avenue and Acadie Blvd. at the south west corner of Park Ex, and walk north east along 4 long blocks to the Jarry Street West underpass from where the 193 bus to Jarry metro and 80 to Parc metro and the 179 may be picked up. Small restaurants are not lacking.


  • Date de départ4 mai
  • heure de départ15h à 17h
  • langue utiliséeFrançais
  • Arrondissement ou ville999 ave Beaumont
    Montréal H3N 2Y6
  • thème(s)
    • Histoire
    • Mouvements sociaux et citoyenneté


Découvrez le passé industriel de l’avenue Beaumont et le futur que l’embourgeoisement lui réserve. Nous discuterons de zonage, logement, emploi et spéculation dans l’ombre du nouveau campus MIL de l’Université de Montréal. Comment sommes-nous rendus ici ? Qu’en pensent les résident-e-s de Parc-Extension ? L’embourgeoisement de Beaumont est-elle inévitable ? Toutes les avenues mènent ici, à Beaumont...

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